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Amazon Unveils Rufus: The AI Shopping Assistant
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Amazon Unveils Rufus: The AI Shopping Assistant

Amazon has unveiled Rufus, its latest artificial intelligence assistant tailored for shopping, promising a seamless shopping experience for its customers. Rufus is an adept shopping companion trained on Amazon’s extensive product database and enriched with information sourced from the web. It aims to revolutionise the way users search, discover, and compare products within the familiar Amazon shopping ecosystem.

“Rufus meaningfully improves how easy it is for customers to find and discover the best products to meet their needs,” said Amazon in a blog post, highlighting the tool’s potential to enhance the customer journey. Through Amazon’s mobile app, users can engage with Rufus by typing or speaking queries into the search bar, triggering a chat window at the bottom of their screen. 

This interactive platform enables shoppers to pose conversational questions like, “What are the differences between trail and road running shoes?” or “Compare drip and pour-over coffee makers.”

CEO Andy Jassy has outlined Amazon’s broader strategy of integrating generative AI across its various business verticals. 

“We’re launching Rufus in beta and starting to roll it out to customers in waves, beginning with a small subset of customers in the U.S. using our mobile app and progressively rolling it out to the rest of our U.S. customers in the coming weeks,” the company noted, indicating its phased approach to deployment.

Amazon’s foray into generative AI tools aligns with its recent initiatives, leveraging the buzz surrounding technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Beyond enhancing the retail experience, Amazon has explored AI applications for businesses through tools like Q, a chatbot, and Bedrock, a generative AI service tailored for cloud customers. With Rufus poised to make waves in the shopping realm, Amazon continues to innovate, leveraging AI to redefine customer engagement and satisfaction.

With Rufus, customers can:

  • Learn what to look for while shopping product categories: Customers can conduct more general product research on Amazon, asking questions such as “what to consider when buying headphones?”, “what to consider when detailing my car at home?”, or “what are clean beauty products?” and receive helpful information to guide their shopping mission.
  • Shop by occasion or purpose: Customers can search for and discover products based on activity, event, purpose, and other specific use cases by asking a range of questions such as “what do I need for cold weather golf?” or “I want to start an indoor garden.” Rufus suggests shoppable product categories—from golf base layers, jackets, and gloves to seed starters, potting mix, and grow lights—and related questions that customers can click on to conduct more specific searches.
  • Get help comparing product categories: Customers can now ask “what’s the difference between lip gloss and lip oil?” or “compare drip to pour-over coffee makers” so they can find the type of product that best suits their needs and make even more confident purchase decisions.
  • Find the best recommendations: Customers can ask for recommendations for exactly what they need, such as “what are good gifts for Valentine’s Day?” or “best dinosaur toys for a 5-year-old.” Rufus generates results tailored to the specific question and makes it quick and easy for customers to browse more refined results.
  • Ask questions about a specific product while on a product detail page: Customers can use Rufus to quickly get answers to specific questions about individual products when they are viewing the product’s detail page, such as “is this pickleball paddle good for beginners?”, or “is this jacket machine washable?”, or “is this cordless drill easy to hold?”. Rufus will generate answers based on listing details, customer reviews, and community Q&As.

With Rufus, customers are now able to shop alongside a generative AI-powered expert that knows Amazon’s selection inside and out, and can bring it all together with information from across the web to help them make more informed purchase decisions.

Get started with the Rufus beta

Rufus is now being made available to select customers when they next update their Amazon Shopping app. To use Rufus, customers in the beta can simply start typing or speaking their questions into the search bar in Amazon’s mobile app and a Rufus chat dialog box will appear at the bottom of their screen. Customers can expand the chat dialog box to see answers to their questions, tap on suggested questions, and ask follow-up questions in the chat dialog box. Customers can dismiss Rufus to return to their traditional search results at any time by swiping down to send the chat dialog box back to the bottom of their screen.

Rufus generates answers using relevant information from across Amazon and the web to help customers make better, more informed shopping decisions. It’s still early days for generative AI, and the technology won’t always get it exactly right. We will keep improving our AI models and fine-tune responses to continuously make Rufus more helpful over time. Customers are encouraged to leave feedback by rating their answers with a thumbs up or thumbs down, and they have the option to provide freeform feedback as well.

We are excited about the potential of generative AI and will continue testing new features to make it even easier to find and discover, research, and buy products in Amazon’s store. We look forward to progressively rolling Rufus out to additional U.S. customers in the coming weeks.

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